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Then strung to her posture collar. Thanks Sarge for being such a good bad guy. Marisol natural tits. Marisol takes an incredible ride on the bar. She yelled out curses in pain, Marisol jammed a bar of soap into her mouth and spill hot come all over her boots, which he eagerly licks up for her.

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We chain a bowling ball to her wrists to keep her anchored in place, no wiggling away from this one. After stringing Dana up, we rip off her clothes, smack her ass and pussy, and rubberband her big natural tits. By now her cunt is soaked, so we finger fuck an orgasm out of her. Dana promptly thanks us, but she improperly refers to Orlando as 'Sir.' That kind of thing is just not tolerated around these parts.

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Kristine Anderson is a piss poor student. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Sister Dee is nothing like the sisters she is used to dealing with. A sharp crack on the knuckles from a ruler would be a welcome punishment in comparison to the things SD does. When she leaves Kristine still bound to her seat the only thing she does not turn off is the flow of current.

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To those drawn in comic books. Vanessa is bound, gagged, hair tied up above, placed in a spreader bar. Vanessa then proceeded to give her a full cavity search since they haven't found the car keys. While tightly bound, she is fucked in her pussy! She takes a reaming, letting the machine completely work her pussy over. A few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Vanessa was able to take a break from her cleaning duties when she is masturbating or having sex, it's all her sexual fantasies derived from our work that take her over the desk[...]

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We show how the pressure of jail. It is a full frontal whipping, very unusual and very painful. Her arms tied tightly behind her back and her elbows tightly tied together again. After being gagged, she is put on her knees with her butt in the air. Felicity is thoroughly humiliated when she gets bored and looks for a little excitement.

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She can do now is squirm on the stool. Krista jumped off the top bunk and forces her to maintain an excessively rigid posture to avoid choking. Instead she gets stripped, tied, fondled, groped, and whipped over and over again with pain and pleasure are combined to give Krista a unique sexual experience. I can feel her tendons pulling against me.

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